Soft Tissue Injections

Soft Tissue Injections

What is a soft tissue injection?

A shot with a needle into a soft tissue space, such as the space between bone and muscle, is a soft tissue injection. Soft tissue injections use pain relievers such as lidocaine and anti-inflammatory medicines such as corticosteroids. A pain management specialist would use this procedure to treat accident injuries that are causing you pain.

What can I expect during a soft tissue injection?

Our specialists may give you a numbing medicine before the injection so you feel minimal pain.

The pain from the injury will typically go away shortly after the injection is administered.


What should you do after the procedure?

Our specialists will bandage the injection site and instruct you when it can be removed. It is important you keep the area clean and you may be instructed to apply ice. It would be important to contact our team right away if you notice swelling or redness.

What should I expect after the procedure?

Often, you can expect relief from your pain symptoms and improvement. There is a chance you may feel some pain in the injection site for a few days. It would just be a normal reaction to the medicine corticosteroid. The pain can be relieved with some ice on the area for 15 to 20 minutes a time, for several times a day. Our physicians may recommend an oral pain reliever as well.

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