Pain Medication Management

Pain Medication Management

Prescribing for chronic pain responsibly

Patients must always understand the risk of using pain medications. Not all opioid medications are appropriate for patients and can be a major risk if prescribed irresponsibly. Our pain management specialists help patients manage their medications appropriately. We ask plenty of questions to ensure we are prescribing the right medication, or to determine if pain medication should be a part of our patient’s treatment.


What you need to know about pain management medication

Because of the high potential for addiction, the federal government has provided strict guidelines for dosage and prescriptions. To ensure our clinics are always compliant with both state and federal laws, our specialists manage the prescriptions and dosages to make sure patients are only using the medications as directed.

What to Expect

If our pain management specialists prescribe opioid medication, they will require that you follow your Doctor of Physical Therapy’s plan of care and attend your follow-up visits.

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