Physical Rehabilitation

Physical Rehabilitation

The benefits of physical rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation helps alleviate pain and reduces swelling caused by everyday activities, accidents, injuries, and more. Our treatments are non-invasive and can provide an alternative to pain medications that are typically prescribed to patients who are suffering from swelling and pain.

  • Increased strength
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased range of motion
  • Lower pain
  • Reduced inflammation

Our doctors deliver adjustments. This treatment reduces restrictions in your joints and misalignments found in the spine from injury. The goal of adjustments is to reduce inflammation and improve the function of the nervous system and injured joints. Improving the nervous system, spine health, and joint mobility can help with managing pain and helping you enjoy a better quality of life.


What you can expect from your physical rehab visit

Every new patient appointment begins with a personalized consultation with our doctors. In learning about you, we go over your medical history, analyze any injury, learn about your lifestyle, and discuss goals for your health. Our doctors then thoroughly examine your extremities and joints in your spine. Based on what is found during the examination, our specialists deliver the appropriate adjustment that is needed.

Is physical rehabilitation safe?

Physical rehabilitation is known as the safest form of health care available. As opposed to medical care that involves surgery, patient risk is substantially lower when receiving care from our doctors.

How often will I need to return for treatment?

After your initial visit, our doctors will determine the best plan of care that meets your individual needs. Frequency of visits vary from patient to patient and are determined by the severity of your injury, condition, and treatment goals discussed with our specialists.


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